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About CuteMouse

CuteMouse is a DOS based, open source mouse driver, which supports many protocols of serial and PS/2 mice. It can search for a serial mouse at all COM ports or only at a specified port. An important CuteMouse feature is its small memory footprint: the resident part (TSR) occupies less than 3.5kb. CuteMouse can also install itself in upper memory, when available, without requiring external utilities such as the LH (LoadHigh) command. Modern BIOSes often make USB mice visible through the PS/2 interface if you enable "legacy" support in BIOS setup.

CuteMouse has three branches now:

  1. V1.9 branch uses BIOS to handle PS/2 mice.
  2. V2.0 branch uses direct hardware access for PS/2 mice, and supports the wheel.
  3. V2.1 branch uses BIOS to handle PS/2 mice but also supports the wheel, combining the best of V1.9 and V2.0. Wheel programming info is included in the v2.x packages.

RAR and ZIP commands used to generate the CuteMouse packages: rar a -m5 -r -s -tl x.rar * and zip -r9 -o *

The latest beta version in the 2.1 branch is v2.1 beta 4.

Download: ZIP RAR

New in v2.1 beta 4 since v2.0 alpha 4, changes by Eric Auer:

v2.1 beta 3 - v2.1 beta 4 (July 2008)

v2.1 beta 2 - v2.1 beta 3 (June 2007)

v2.1 beta 1 - v2.1 beta 2

v2.1 beta 1

The latest alpha version in the 2.0 branch is v2.0 alpha 4.

Download: ZIP RAR

New in v2.0 alpha 4 since v1.9.1, changes by Nagy Daniel, Jason Burgon and Arkady Belousov:

The latest version in the 1.9 branch is v1.9.1.

Download: ZIP RAR

New in v1.9.1 since v1.8, changes by Arkady Belousov, Maurizio Spagni, Donald Davis, Jason Burgon and Nagy Daniel: